Parents club of Los Caños de Meca

THE TRIBE was born as a community of mothers and fathers where we can meet and share our experiences and knowledge about raising our children. To be a space where to generate a supportive atmosphere to share with other parents who are living this beautiful experience.

Motherhood is a unique and personal experience for every woman. Some enjoy parenting from the very beginning, while others may find it challenging.

Sharing experiences with other mothers can be helpful for support and advice. It is important to remember that each motherhood experience is unique and that there is no magic formula for being a “good” mother. What works for one mother may not work for another, and that’s okay. Sharing experiences can help find tools and solutions that are tailored to the individual needs of each mother and her family.




Every second and fourth Wednesday of the month






18:30 to 20:00


The Tribe


The tribe aims to create a network of mutual support, because we believe that having someone to support us is essential and also something incredible.


It is important to accept and embrace our individual differences. By sharing our experiences and supporting each other, we can find tools and solutions that work that we have never relied on before.

Simply being there to listen and offer words of encouragement is already part of the support we need.


By working together, we can build stronger, more inclusive communities where each person feels valued and respected for who they are.



That’s why we launched this little club that continues to grow every week!

Every second and fourth Wednesday of every month we meet at 18:30. Follow us on social media to keep up to date with the events of the tribe! Midwife talks, workshops for the little ones and much more!

We are waiting for you!

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